Time is not found, it’s made. – Elisabeth Fayt


The time keeper.

To often we hear people say, “I don’t have enough time in a day,” or “if I only had more time.” Lots of people ask me how I manage to do it all. I’m a mother of 2 young daughters who are 17 months apart, and are very active. They certainly keep my husband and I hopping. I also work part-time, 3 days a week. I manage to blog 3 days a week, and I have even fit in some time to quilt and sew.

Am I a super mom you may ask? Of course I am. Every mother is a superhero in her child’s eye. I am not that image of the perfect wife/mother of the June Cleaver variety. Instead I choose to be the keeper of my own time.

I wake up every morning and tell myself, “I have an abundance of time.” In fact, as I’m writing this blog, I am sitting on my bus for my 1 hour morning commute. Of course it is early in the morning and I could choose to sleep, yet my mind is swimming with these ideas I must get down.

Also, at ages 2 and 1, my children are well versed in technology. Some parents try to shelter their children from the woes of our technological society, while mine already know how to operate my iPhone, iPad, and they love to smash on my keyboard given any chance they get. It also doesn’t help much when my husband who currently works as a computer tech while graciously taking care of our children while I go into the office. So, how do I manage to blog so much? Well, most thoughts come into my head before I go to bed, so I’ll jot them down. Other times I use my down time like now to write my thoughts. You have to thank the marvels of smart phones for that one, or you could resort to the archaic methods of a pen and napkin from yesterday’s lunch stuffed in the bottom of your purse. There have also been the moments of sitting at the kitchen table, child on lap, and typing away, while at the same moment of attempting to keep said child from smashing on the keyboard to express her feelings.

In between playing with the kids, writing, working, spending time with the hubby, and squeezing some sewing in, I do manage to do some house work. Although that is not my most favorite task in the world, and as all mothers at some point can relate, “please excuse the mess…” Although, if I know I have company coming, I am pretty good at keeping up the facade to a certain point of the clean house.

I am motivated by deadlines. I hate pulling all nighters, so if I know something needs to get done by a certain date/time, I will hunker down the hatches and pull in the reins to get the task done. I know those skills come in handy while running a household.

Also, be aware of time suckers. There are the evils of tv of which I can easily sit down and watch countless hours of nothing. Or video games, “just one more level…” I have had my share of times when I have choose naps over doing anything, although if you manage to get up just a few minutes early, especially if you can get up before the kids, it’s amazing at what can get done.

Time management is all about priorities. Why is it we can find time to watch our line up of favorite shows, yet we can’t take time to read, exercise or play with our kids. Elisabeth Fayt puts it nicely, “Time is not found, it’s made.” If you truly want to get something done, you will make the time to do it.