Now and then

memory is a river, one that always runs backward. – The Spy, Paulo Coelho

Ever since I watched Disney’s Alice, Through the Looking Glass,  I have been contemplating time. We are obsessed by it. When we are young, we can’t wait until we grow up. When we are old, we look back and reminisce about time gone by.

We worry about the future and stress about the past. We have a hard time focusing on what is happening right now. We are too busy being busy. We rush from here to there. We hardly stop to smell the proverbial roses. We rarely revel in the present moment.

I notice this when I’m watching my girls dance or at their school plays. Everyone is trying to video their kid performing. Yet how many of those amateur videographers actually enjoyed and remember the performance without going back to the video. I personally find when I try to video something, I’ so absorbed in the videoing, that I forget to enjoy the moment.

Many times we simply let time slip us by. Remember to savour the now and live your life to the fullest.


The Now

Time is irrelevant. It is something that us humans created. We are not our past, nor are we our future. What we are is now.

Some of us spend too much time worry about the future. While others fret about what happened in the past. We forget to live now. Enjoy each moment you are in to it’s maximum potential. Pause to reflect upon a sunrise or sunset. Have fun with your loved ones. Meditate. Simply exist to be you.